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The N4GAS DMR Repeater is up and running! It is now fully operational on the Brandmeister network. Repeater ID is 313759.

This is global network with over 40 countries participating and growing!  The link to the repeater information can be found here:

Feel free to connect using the information found on the link above and explore the world of DMR talk groups.

Special Thanks to AG0R for his generosity in making this repeater possible.

Please go to this page for more DMR repeater information, such as code plugs, etc.:

N4GAS DMR Repeater Information

GCARS First International DX Echolink Contact!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that the KG4ZJF-R (N4GAS 2 meter repeater) Echolink node hosted its first ever international DX contact yesterday, August 16, 2016.  I heard the call of “LU7DMZ connected” come over the radio (I was monitoring via a 2 meter rig), and I thought I would respond to see if the operator would do a QSO. LU7DMZ, Roberto, from 15 km north of Buenos Aires, Argentina came back, and we began a great conversation.

Roberto, who had passed through Gaston County on the way to work in Cleveland County back in the 1990’s, saw our node on Echolink and thought he would give it a try.  What happened is that we chatted for a bit, and then, our newest member, Eric, WA1SXK, came in on Echolink from Vero Beach, FL, and we had a good round-robin QSO. (I logged in via my iPhone also to get a screen shot of the QSO).

Many thanks to all who have supported the Echolink effort and thanks again to KG4ZJF, Dennis, for hosting the Echolink node hardware at his QTH.

If you haven’t tried Echolink, the software is FREE  and can be downloaded here for PC/MAC/Linux:

or, you can go to the App Store on your iPhone or Android device and download it there.  If you don’t have a device to run the software- no worries- just get on the N4GAS 2 meter repeater at 147.120 (100 Hz tone), and you may wind up talking to international DX checking into the repeater via Echolink.

73 de AJ4JZ,


GCARS on Echolink!!!!!

The GCARS 2m repeater (147.120 Mhz, pl tone 100hz) is now linked to the internet via the Echolink system.  The repeater is hosted on Echolink as KG4ZJF-R (node 671596).  You can access and talk to people via the GCARS 2m repeater by using a smart phone, a computer, an ipad, a tablet or any other internet linked device which has the Echolink software installed.  Echolink is a FREE download on all platforms and operating systems.  You now can talk to your ham friends in and around Gaston County without the need of any other amateur radio related equipment other than an Echolink equipped device.  And you can now access the N4GAS repeater from anywhere in the world via the internet!! We are working towards enabling 2m RF users to link the repeater through Echolink, using DTMF tones, to other Echolink stations around the world. We hope to have that capability soon.

Download the software here:


Bill, AJ4JZ