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How to listen to HF without a rig!!!!

AJ4JZ, has updated our Who’s my Elmer page! Check out this updated info.

3/15/2016:  How to listen to HF without a rig:

This is a great website with links to over 120 software defined radios that listen to the HF, VHF, UHF and SHF ham bands all over the world.  You can even use these SDR sites to monitor your own signal as it propagates into other countries! Check it out!

Thanks & 73,

Chantel, KM4LWL


Using a 25 ft Tape Measure to span a distance of 90 miles…

Come one, come all! Elmers! Newbies! Let’s build a portable 3-element yagi antenna from a common 25 ft. tape measure. How does it span 90 miles? By giving you the signal strength to get into the Mt. Mitchell repeater.  It is also very handy when hunting a pesky transmission that doesn’t want to be found.  (Fox hunting!)

GCARS February meeting is tomorrow night, Monday the 1st @ 7 pm at the American Red Cross Building in Gastonia.  During the presentation time, we will be building antennas that we may use on our next fox hunt which will be Saturday, Feb. 13th!!!!

We hope to see you tomorrow night! I’m going to get to solder for the first time ever and will probably burn myself! You don’t want to miss the fun! Let’s have fun learning together!

Blessings & 73’s, Chantel, KM4LWL


Homebrewing with Elmer!

Be sure to check out the updated information from AJ4JZ on our “Who’s My Elmer?” page.

1/6/2016:  Here are some web sites  to reference in Homebrew ham radio:

Peter Parker VK3YE- an excellent site, Peter is the guru of DSB (double side band) radio. Check out his website and his youtube page. Peter has a lot of projects that are within the reach and abilities of those new to homebrewing.

Wes Hayward is an authority on homebrew amateur radio designs, and the author of many articles and texts on the subject:

more to come…

Thanks & 73, KM4LWL

Check the Who’s My Elmer? page updates!

AJ4JZ is constantly trying to educate me in my new hobby of ham radio. He really is a good elmer.  I should thank him more often.   He really enjoys the blog that I’ve attached below. Please see his comments below too. Let’s have fun learning together! Thanks & 73! KM4LWL

12/14/2015: Here is a link to Pete Juliano’s (N6QW) blog “Homebrew Radio Blog”.  Pete is the co-host to SolderSmoke.  AJ4JZ says this is great stuff for those interested in learning how to build amateur radios.