**GCARS Friday Meet Up Update**Update**

**GCARS Friday Meet Up Update**

As of January 21st, Pie Day has been cancelled due to the bad weather that is coming.  Stay home, stay warm & stay safe. No pie! 🙁

This Friday, January 22nd, GCARS will not meet at Friendly’s in Stanley for lunch but instead will meet at the Lucile Tatum Homemakers Center in Gastonia for the Annual Pie Day! $5 to sample different pies! Thanks KG4ZJF for this update!

Who wants to hunt the fox??

GCARS is having a foxhunt (transmitter hunt) on Saturday, February 13th (more details to follow). The first team to the fox will not only be the winners of the hunt but will also find a delightful surprise that will involve chocolate! This is a pre-Valentine’s Day fox hunt so let’s have fun (in the cold!).

To prepare for the foxhunt, we will be building portable tape measure yagi antennas at our next club meeting, Monday, February 1st during the presentation time! 

AJ4JZ needs to know:

who wants to build an antenna,

who could Elmer (help out),

and who has extra stuff laying around that could be donated to our antenna building cause!

Please leave a comment below and let him know. He wants to have everything precut and ready to build before the meeting (which he will do with your donations). He is willing to pick up materials if you have them.

Materials needed:

1″ wide 25 ft long  or so steel tape measure

1/2″ diameter pvc pipe

1/2″ pvc T’s and crosses

1 – 1 1/2″ metal hose clamps

RG8, RG58 (50 ohm) coax cable

PL259 connectors

Antenna analyzers (commitments to bring one)

This is going to be a great meeting and a fun foxhunt (unless the fox hides so well that he gets the chocolate!!!!) Thanks everyone for your help!

As always, if you have questions, please leave a comment.

Thanks & 73,