GCARS First International DX Echolink Contact!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that the KG4ZJF-R (N4GAS 2 meter repeater) Echolink node hosted its first ever international DX contact yesterday, August 16, 2016.  I heard the call of “LU7DMZ connected” come over the radio (I was monitoring via a 2 meter rig), and I thought I would respond to see if the operator would do a QSO. LU7DMZ, Roberto, from 15 km north of Buenos Aires, Argentina came back, and we began a great conversation.

Roberto, who had passed through Gaston County on the way to work in Cleveland County back in the 1990’s, saw our node on Echolink and thought he would give it a try.  What happened is that we chatted for a bit, and then, our newest member, Eric, WA1SXK, came in on Echolink from Vero Beach, FL, and we had a good round-robin QSO. (I logged in via my iPhone also to get a screen shot of the QSO).

Many thanks to all who have supported the Echolink effort and thanks again to KG4ZJF, Dennis, for hosting the Echolink node hardware at his QTH.

If you haven’t tried Echolink, the software is FREE  and can be downloaded here for PC/MAC/Linux:


or, you can go to the App Store on your iPhone or Android device and download it there.  If you don’t have a device to run the software- no worries- just get on the N4GAS 2 meter repeater at 147.120 (100 Hz tone), and you may wind up talking to international DX checking into the repeater via Echolink.

73 de AJ4JZ,


the pixies are here! the pixies are here!


We will be building a 40 meter CW transceiver at our GCARS September 5th monthly meeting! If you signed up during the August meeting, then your pixie is here! If you didn’t sign up and you are interested in building one, please comment below. We have ordered five more and hope to have them before the Sept. meeting!!

**Please note that the kit did NOT include a power plug. If you look at the photo above, Bill, AJ4JZ,  has attached a 9 volt battery plug and a tip positive power plug from Radio Shack to the pixie.  The radio operates on 9 to 12 volts, so you will need to bring your own power source.  Please comment below if you have questions.

We look forward to learning and having a lot of ham radio fun next month! Thanks, Chantel, KM4LWL

Fox hunt this Saturday, August 13th @ 10 am!

Please join us as we hunt for a hidden transmitter, the “fox”.  We will meet at 8 am at Grits n’ Greens in Lowell for fellowship and breakfast.  You do not have to attend breakfast to participate in the fox hunt!

The “fox” (NC0G) will begin transmitting at 10 am on 146.535 from anywhere in Gaston County on public property. Our wonderful president, KV4WB, has a Tony’s Gift Certificate for the winner!

Let’s have fun together and enjoy the ham radio hobby! We hope to see you Saturday!  – Chantel, KM4LWL

**Updated Trader’s Net Post**

**UPDATED**8-3-16**all items are 10% off starting today..8-3-2016. I can meet with the buyer at the hwy.321 I-85 exchange at Tommy`s Restaurant.**

Radios and related items For sale. All was working when last used.unless noted. Feel free to make an offer.

1. SOLD – Icom 2200 2m. Mobile 65-25-5 watt output.D-star and GPS capability, 2 color display selectable, free software
downloads!With mobile mount & power cable.$100.00
2. Kenwood tm-281 Mobile. Adj.display,200 channel memory in 3 banks,Digital control capability. 65-25-5 watts out,Free software downloads.Mobile mount and power cable. $100.00
3. SOLD – Icom IC-V82 Handheld with charger..2m 7watt 200 memory $40.00 (or free if you buy item 1,2, 14 or 15 )
4. SOLD – Yaseu FT-4700 2meter-440 full cross band, detachable face,… with a problem.. seems to need battery replaced to hold memory.$30.00 (or free with purchase of items .1,2, 14 or 15)
5. Ameritron ALS-500 remote unit for the ALS 500 Mobile amp. $25.00 (this is half price)
6 Ameritron RCs-8v Remote Antenna Switch.I bought it new. includes indoor and outdoor units.Controls up to 5 antennas
with 1 run of coax. $85.00
7 .Westmountian Radio Plug-and-Play digital interface with
Icom adapter cable. $40.00
8. MFJ 418 Pocket Morse Tutor.Like,Bought new,like new, w/box and book.$50.00
9. Advanced Electronics Applications Morse Machine.This thing is tooooo smart. Full featured morse trainer,keyer, beacon generator.It will even carry on a qso with you(scary)$100.00
10. Diamond Studiomaster Audio Mixer. with 4 input/outputs.
2 channel stereo or mono connections.$10.00
11. Heathkit Code Oscillator.#HD1416a. $10.00
12. Icom SP-21 speaker $25.00
13. Pyramid Gold Power Supply.Model PS-35G. Variable voltage output,30 amp bench power supply. with full volt and amp overload protection.$60.00
14. Icom 706(original)I bought this radio new.I have the box, hand mic., and Manuel…I cant find the mobile mount but the radio has never been used as a mobile unit.Works perfect,no scratches or any abuse. A little dusty from storage.$400
15. Ameritron Al-811H amp.10-160.I think it needs tubes…
It was working fine and just quit.Has all updated mods from MFJ and 3 new tubes(one is a spare… broke one new one and put in one that I had taken out.) $400.00
16.MFj electronic keyer/paddle combo. Model mfj-442.Comes with a nice BY-2 Chrome Key $65.00
………. If this ain`t enough…I`ve got more..Thanks for looking.

Jim,AI4GP e-mail willijpop@yahoo.com