**Updated Trader’s Net Post**

**UPDATED**8-3-16**all items are 10% off starting today..8-3-2016. I can meet with the buyer at the hwy.321 I-85 exchange at Tommy`s Restaurant.**

Radios and related items For sale. All was working when last used.unless noted. Feel free to make an offer.

1. SOLD – Icom 2200 2m. Mobile 65-25-5 watt output.D-star and GPS capability, 2 color display selectable, free software
downloads!With mobile mount & power cable.$100.00
2. Kenwood tm-281 Mobile. Adj.display,200 channel memory in 3 banks,Digital control capability. 65-25-5 watts out,Free software downloads.Mobile mount and power cable. $100.00
3. SOLD – Icom IC-V82 Handheld with charger..2m 7watt 200 memory $40.00 (or free if you buy item 1,2, 14 or 15 )
4. SOLD – Yaseu FT-4700 2meter-440 full cross band, detachable face,… with a problem.. seems to need battery replaced to hold memory.$30.00 (or free with purchase of items .1,2, 14 or 15)
5. Ameritron ALS-500 remote unit for the ALS 500 Mobile amp. $25.00 (this is half price)
6 Ameritron RCs-8v Remote Antenna Switch.I bought it new. includes indoor and outdoor units.Controls up to 5 antennas
with 1 run of coax. $85.00
7 .Westmountian Radio Plug-and-Play digital interface with
Icom adapter cable. $40.00
8. MFJ 418 Pocket Morse Tutor.Like,Bought new,like new, w/box and book.$50.00
9. Advanced Electronics Applications Morse Machine.This thing is tooooo smart. Full featured morse trainer,keyer, beacon generator.It will even carry on a qso with you(scary)$100.00
10. Diamond Studiomaster Audio Mixer. with 4 input/outputs.
2 channel stereo or mono connections.$10.00
11. Heathkit Code Oscillator.#HD1416a. $10.00
12. Icom SP-21 speaker $25.00
13. Pyramid Gold Power Supply.Model PS-35G. Variable voltage output,30 amp bench power supply. with full volt and amp overload protection.$60.00
14. Icom 706(original)I bought this radio new.I have the box, hand mic., and Manuel…I cant find the mobile mount but the radio has never been used as a mobile unit.Works perfect,no scratches or any abuse. A little dusty from storage.$400
15. Ameritron Al-811H amp.10-160.I think it needs tubes…
It was working fine and just quit.Has all updated mods from MFJ and 3 new tubes(one is a spare… broke one new one and put in one that I had taken out.) $400.00
16.MFj electronic keyer/paddle combo. Model mfj-442.Comes with a nice BY-2 Chrome Key $65.00
………. If this ain`t enough…I`ve got more..Thanks for looking.

Jim,AI4GP e-mail willijpop@yahoo.com