GCARS works the Caromont Criterium at Belmont

This past Sunday, April 23, 2017, the Gaston County Amateur Radio Society provided supplemental communications, helped spectators and acted at crossing guards at the fifth annual Caromont Health Belmont Criterium bicycle races.  It was a rainy, cold day, but the hams of GCARS stepped up to the challenge, and volunteered from 11:30 a.m. until 7 p.m. The action was exciting and we got a real taste of operating in less-than-favorable conditions. Many thanks to all the hams who participated! We received thanks from and an informal invitation to help again next year from the race organizers.

The Lonely Outpost at the Criterium in Belmont

NG2M, JD, and KV4WB, Annlette, walking to the infamous Glenway Curve!
AJ4JZ, Bill and NG2M, JD pose at the dangerous Glenway curve.
Tindol Subaru pace car leads the way!
Men’s C5 Races thunder to the start/finish line.
Lady Pro-Racers storm the first corner! NC1G, Mark, watches before the rain comes!
NC1G, Mark (in the blue coat) guards the crosswalk as the male pro-racers shoot by!
Some but not all of the hams at the Criterium. Sarah (wanta be ham); AK4BX, Jeff; Chantel, KM4LWL; Annlette, KV4WB; NG2M, JD.