the pixies are here! the pixies are here!


We will be building a 40 meter CW transceiver at our GCARS September 5th monthly meeting! If you signed up during the August meeting, then your pixie is here! If you didn’t sign up and you are interested in building one, please comment below. We have ordered five more and hope to have them before the Sept. meeting!!

**Please note that the kit did NOT include a power plug. If you look at the photo above, Bill, AJ4JZ,  has attached a 9 volt battery plug and a tip positive power plug from Radio Shack to the pixie.  The radio operates on 9 to 12 volts, so you will need to bring your own power source.  Please comment below if you have questions.

We look forward to learning and having a lot of ham radio fun next month! Thanks, Chantel, KM4LWL

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