CQ, CQ, CQ,…

Tonight’s 440 & 2m nets were so much fun! If you missed it, you will want to set a reminder in the smart phone to join us next Tuesday night at 8 pm (see the GCARS page for all the technical details to get on the net. My brain is too tired and I can’t remember all the tones and stuff to put on this post).  I’ve got to do more research on a “She Shed”! I’m still trying to maneuver through the “Man Shack”! It has been too long since I’ve been on the HF rig! I tried tonight and totally forgot to connect the radio to the antenna! Big brain burp! I received a lot of “QRMan”  from AJ4JZ for that little incident. Oh well. I will try to get to the PSK31 tomorrow.  While my train of derailed thought continues, please check out the new link on our “who’s my elmer?” page.   Another thought; please check out our new “Trader’s Net” page. I hope this will serve as a useful tool! It was a great idea from KT4OM!!! Before I forget, I hope ya’ll have a Happy New Year!

God bless & 73, KM4LWL

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