2017 GCARS Officers

GCARS is a representative democracy in that all members vote yearly for their officers, including the Board of Directors. Club direction and decisions are discussed  and decided by the club membership at large, except for those tasks delegated to the elected officers. Every member is enfranchised.

President, Annlette Key, KV4WB Contact Annlette at N4GAS@arrl.net


Vice-President, Bill Stevenson, AJ4JZ

Bill is also serving as Emergency Coordinator for ARES/RACES


Secretary, Gerald Rankin, AG0R (also on the Repeater Committee)



Treasurer, Bill Paczkowski, KT4OM (also on the Repeater Committee)




Don Allen, K4DHA

Dennis Hammerle, KG4ZJF



N4GAS Repeater Committee:

(Appointed by the Board of Directors):

Chairman/Repeater Trustee/Club License Trustee:

George Poteat, NC0G


Mark Thornburg, NC1G

Robert Zeman, K4VAV


4 thoughts on “2017 GCARS Officers”

  1. I would like to get in contact with the President of your club. I would like to propose the formation of a Greater Charlotte Area Amateur Radio Roundtable. If I have your contact information I can add you to my contact list. I would like name, phone number and e-mail address. 73,
    Dave Whiteley W4DPW, President, Cabarrus ARS
    hospiceforcars@windstream.net 704-786-7441

    1. Hello David ~ Our GCARS president, Annlette Key, KV4WB, will be contacting you soon! This is a great idea. Thanks for contacting us!
      73, Chantel, KM4LWL

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