NPOTA April 2016 Photo Album

GCARS (N4GAS) at King’s Mountain National Military Park on Saturday, April 16, 2016 and Sunday, April 17, 2016!!

DSCN8621 DSCN8622 DSCN8623 DSCN8626 DSCN8627 DSCN8628 DSCN8629 DSCN8630 DSCN8631 DSCN8632 DSCN8633 DSCN8642 DSCN8643 DSCN8648 DSCN8650 DSCN8652 DSCN8654 DSCN8655 DSCN8656 DSCN8657 DSCN8658 DSCN8660 DSCN8661 DSCN8662 DSCN8663 DSCN8667 DSCN8668 DSCN8677 DSCN8638 DSCN8649 DSCN8591

DSCN8572 DSCN8573 DSCN8574 DSCN8575 DSCN8577 DSCN8579 DSCN8580 DSCN8581 DSCN8582 DSCN8583 DSCN8584 DSCN8586 DSCN8588 DSCN8589 DSCN8590 DSCN8593 DSCN8595 DSCN8596 DSCN8599 DSCN8601 DSCN8602 DSCN8609 DSCN8613 DSCN8614 DSCN8615 DSCN8616 GCARSNPOTA2016aprilDSCN8591

20160417_143940 20160417_143949 20160417_144002 20160417_144030 20160417_144207 20160417_160329 20160417_160403 DSCN1882 DSCN1883 DSCN1884 DSCN1885 DSCN1886 DSCN1890 DSCN1889 DSCN1888 DSCN1887 DSCN1892 0416161258a 0416161257 0416161240 0416161240a 0416161241 0416161255 0417161227 0417161228 0417161439 0417161457

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