Who’s my Elmer? (Ham Radio Education)

(An “Elmer” in ham radio speak is a person who helps you learn the ropes of the hobby)

This page will be used for educational information! Newer information will be added to the top of this page.  I hope we have fun learning together! 73, AJ4JZ

The LAW…

Here you will find a link to 47 C.F.R. (Code of Federal Regulations) Part 97, which is the guiding regulations that empower and control amateur radio. We study them as part of our license tests, but it would be in your best interests to read the rules.


ARDUINO- a must-have for the hands-on ham!

Here you will find a link to the world of Arduino- the leading maker-friendly micro-controller in the world. It’s absolutely a must-have device for serious home-brewing in amateur radio and electronics.



If you have ever given thought to home-brewing electronics or want to learn how to prototype circuits without going broke, here is a “virtual” way to discover electronics and try out new designs. If you download another person’s fritizing design, you can learn how they built the circuit and then build it yourself. If you want to prototype yourself, you can load components onto a virtual breadboard or a virtual PCB. Also, you can add your favorite microcontroller into the mix and program it like you would for real (e.g., Arduino Uno, etc.) or even add a single board computer like a Raspberry Pi 3 and interface that with your circuit. If after you have made your virtual electronic device, you can have the organization make you a real printed circuit board (PCB) and mail it to you to solder up your new design. You have got to try this free software!


QRP Quarterly

Another excellent place to learn: the organization is run and directed by QRP hall-of-famers (there is such a thing) who contribute monthly articles on how to home brew all manner of amateur radio rigs and related gear. Look here for a sample issue and then go to the main website: http://www.qrparci.org/qqsample/qqsample.pdf

“QSO Today” Podcast and Show Notes

Here is a fabulous resource. Eric Guth, 4ZU1G, interviews major players in Amateur Radio, and others who have interesting ham radio stories. He has a “Show Notes” page where information referenced in the podcast can be accessed. http://www.qsotoday.com/

  How to listen to HF without a rig (radio): www.websdr.org

This is a great website with links to over 120 software defined radios that listen to the HF, VHF, UHF and SHF ham bands all over the world. If you don’t own an HF rig or don’t have access to one, use this site to hear what you’re missing.  You can even use these SDR sites to monitor your own signal as it propagates into other countries! Check it out!

Peter Parker VK3YE– an excellent site, Peter is the guru of DSB (double side band) radio.

Wes Hayward is an authority on homebrew amateur radio designs, and the author of many articles and texts on the subject:

more to come…

Here is a link to Ashhar Farhan’s ham radio homebrew blog which is highly extoled by Bill Meara of SolderSmoke fame.  Farhan is the designer of many homebrew ham radio SSB phone rigs including the celebrated BITX series of radios and the Minima radios. Check these out!


Here is a link to Pete Juliano’s (N6QW) blog “Homebrew Radio Blog”.  Pete is the co-host to SolderSmoke.  AJ4JZ says this is great stuff for those interested in learning how to build amateur radios.


This is the link to “SolderSmoke”; the podcast that AJ4JZ shared with us during the November GCARS meeting. Hosted by Bill Meara, N2CQR and Pete Juliano, N6QW, it is a fascinating and well document web site and podcast.  Enjoy!