Trader’s Net (For Sale Items)

This page is an extension of the Gaston County Amateur Radio Society’s Trader’s Net which takes place each Tuesday night after the GCARS Pacemaker Net on the 147.120 repeater (around 8:25ish).  If you would like to list amateur radio related items to buy, sell, want, or trade, please leave a comment and I will make sure it is posted to this page.  Thanks & 73, KM4LWL

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  1. Jim Brown posts the following for sale on 1/12/16:
    I have a radio tower behind my house with flat blade antenna . I want to sell it. I live in Indian Trail in house Lrwis Cloninger lived it Want to sell it. 9802530757

  2. Items to sell. Kenwood TM-281A, 144 MHz Mobile Ham radio
    MFJ-4125P 25 amp power supply
    TRAM Dual Band Collinear Base Station Antenna 1480 VHF/UHF w/50′ coax cable.
    Used as a base station on air about 20 times
    Will need help taking down antenna.
    Selling out. $100 takes all
    Call 7048608004 or e-mail

  3. I have some ham radio equipment for sail it belonged to my mother linda Smith a lot of u should still remember her she was apart of forever. She loved it! There are pictures of the items on one man’s junk on facebook. My name is crystal sergeant I remember you Cy Rowe

  4. I have 2 ICOM ID-880H. 1 has never been out of box so brand new and the other has been out of box but never used. $350 each. Please contact Sonya Somerville at 704-674-8911 if interested.

  5. Oscar, W4OXH, is selling an ICOM IC-208H 2M/440 MHz radio. It has 55 watts xmit, pwr VHF, 50 watts xmit, pwr UHF. It is in fine working condition except for missing a knob. He is asking for $130. If interested, please contact Oscar by emailing **p*a*c*k*s*h*o*e*b*o*x*e*s@*g*m*a*i*l*.*c*o*m** (Omit the asterisks in the email address. They are typed in to avoid bots and spammers). I will relay the message to W4OXH. Thanks & 73, Chantel, KM4LWL ***THIS ITEM IS NOW SOLD!***

  6. I will drop the price to $750 to any local HAM if they pick it up in Hickory. I can get that from ebay in a heartbeat, buy would rather help a local . Original box and book.
    I have one Icom V8000 75 watt 2 meter that has very little use. $165. Once again I would rather help a local.

    That’s all I have left.

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