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The N4GAS DMR Repeater is up and running! It is now fully operational on the Brandmeister network. Repeater ID is 313759.

This is global network with over 40 countries participating and growing!  The link to the repeater information can be found here:


Feel free to connect using the information found on the link above and explore the world of DMR talk groups.

Special Thanks to AG0R for his generosity in making this repeater possible.

Please go to this page for more DMR repeater information, such as code plugs, etc.:

N4GAS DMR Repeater Information

DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) is Coming to Spencer Mountain!


Here is some BIG news:

DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) is coming to Spencer Mountain.  Due to a generous gift from Gerald Rankin, AG0R, the Gaston County Amateur Radio Society is very shortly (and Lord willing), going to have a DMR amateur radio repeater on top of Spencer Mountain, North Carolina, on the 70 cm band. The DMR repeater will allow hams with a DMR radio to communicate with other radio amateurs locally, regionally, nationally, and even globally using a quality of voice communications similar to 3G cellular phones.

We have a Hytera RD622 digital repeater,

which we plan to connect to the Brandmeister network, a global amateur radio DMR system with hundreds of talk groups all over the world.

Right now, we are in the process of setting up the repeater, getting things straight with our prospective internet service provider, and testing the system. We hope to have this working before the end of May 2017.

DMR is an exceedingly affordable and robust digital mode. HT’s can be had for under $100 dollars (Like the TYT MD-380). Users are required to get a radio identifier number from DMR-MARC, which is the master group for issuing DMR identifiers so that users can work all the current internet linked DMR networks.

Go to this link here to register for a DMR id number (it’s free):


You do not need to have a radio to get a number. If you are thinking about doing DMR, then you should go ahead and get a number from DMR-MARC.

If you want to experience the excitement of DMR now, you can listen to any talk group you would like on the Brandmeister “Hose Line” which is a web enabled dashboard for listening to DMR traffic on the internet. It only requires a current web browser and the ability to process sound. Give it a try:


More information to come about how to set up your radio “code plug” and which talk groups will be enabled from the N4GAS DMR repeater.


Bill Stevenson