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GCARS Meeting 7-3-17 and Antenna Build!

Greeting GCARS Members and Those Who Are Interested in Radio:

Just a reminder that our July meeting is this Monday, July 3, 2017, at 7 p.m., upstairs at 190 S. Oakland Street, Gastonia, NC.

This month, we plan on building a “Moxon” style antenna (gain of at least 5.5 db) for 70 cm (440 MHz). This will be a very useful antenna for anyone who has a “440” rig, a DMR rig, or who plans on participating in the “440” fox hunt later in the month.

Everything is ready as far as materials and this is FREE build (no cost to you, but any $ help is appreciated). ┬áThis build will be available to the first 15 interested people who attend the meeting or send me an email before hand ( if you don’t have it, my email is on lead page of GCARS website: callsign- AJ4JZ).

I would ask that a couple of people bring soldering irons (very minimal soldering involved) and maybe some pliers to bend coat hangers (yes, they will work for elements!).


Bill, AJ4JZ

Here’s what it looks like:

70 cm Moxon antenna