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A.R.E.S Simulated Emergency Test 5-23-17

The Gaston County A.R.E.S. is going to conduct a “Simulated Emergency Test” (SET), Tuesday, May 23 at 1400 (2 p.m. local). It will begin on the 147.120 MHz (100 Hz tone) N4GAS repeater and then proceed to other frequencies as Net Control directs. It will include FM repeater work, FM simplex work, D-Star simplex work, DMR repeater work and DMR simplex work.

Headlining this test will be the debut of the ARES station that is a new installation at the City of Gastonia Police Department. We will be testing the station’s reception and capabilities.

This will be a directed formal net. If you would like to participate, please check in with Net Control at 1400 (2 p.m. local) and follow the directions.


Bill Stevenson


Gaston County ARES/RACES EC