Gaston County Amateur Radio Society Monthly Meetings

Gaston County Amateur Radio Society (GCARS) has monthly meetings on the first Monday of each month, at 7 p.m., at 190 S. Oakland St. Gastonia, NC upstairs in the Red Cross Building.

We welcome all those who have any any interest in ham radio and electronics. You do not have to be a licensed ham to attend!

Please contact KM4LWL by leaving a comment with any questions! Thanks & 73!

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GCARS Weekly Nets

GCARS nets are weekly on Tuesday evenings!!

The 440 net begins at 8 pm. The frequency is 444.550 mHz (no tone).

The 2m net begins at 8:30 pm. The frequency is 147.120mHz (100Hz tone).

Both of these repeaters (N4GAS) are located on Spencer Mountain in Gaston County.

The GCARS Traders Net immediately follows the 2m net each Tuesday night!

Please tune in and join us for announcements and fun rag chew!!!

GCARS weekly lunch meet up details!

Each Monday, GCARS meets at Grits N Greens located at 125 N Main St. in Lowell, NC.  https://www.facebook.com/gritsngreens/

Each Friday, GCARS meets at Friendly’s located at 119 N Main St in Stanley, NC. https://www.facebook.com/Friendlys-of-Stanley-234106239958527/

Please join us for good food & fellowship!

Interested in Joining GCARS?? The application needs to be completed and brought to a GCARS meeting. Please contact KM4LWL with any questions by leaving a comment! Thanks & 73.


ARRL affiliated since 1978 

14 thoughts on “GCARS”

  1. It’s nice to see a webpage that I can access and have current information. Thanks for the great job. I’ll try to remember to schedule a break on Monday’s for the lunch in Lowell.

  2. Great job, KM4lWl, for maintaining such a resourceful website! This will definitely be a huge help for those seeking to become a ham. Keep up the great work!

  3. Hi, some friends of mine and I are interested in getting or Ham licenses and need to know where to start. I live in Dallas NC and looking for some help on this. Thanks for any help you can give, God bless.

    1. Hey Chris, when I was studying for my exam I used hamexam.org. They have flash card type studying, quiz type, etc. There are numerous websites that help you study for the exam for free. You can also buy books that contain all of the information in “textbook” style I guess you could call it. Also, when you take your exam, if you pass the technician test you can take general for free and if you pass that you can take the extra for free so I would suggest studying some of the higher exams if you understand the material. Good luck to yall, hope to hear you one the air!


      1. Hey KM4JKY, Matt, Thanks for checking out the GCARS website and for sharing how you studied for the exam! It is great to hear from other hams!
        Thanks & 73,

        1. Thanks for the response KM4LWL. I go to school at NC State but live in Gastonia. I am interested in joining GCARS/ARES so hopefully this summer I can join and attend some events.

          Thanks & 73,
          KM4JKY, Matt

          1. Hi KM4JKY, We’d love to have you! If you’re going to be home the weekend of Feb. 13, you should join us for a “fox hunt” (transmitter hunt). It is going to be a lot of fun. Also, we are planning an event at Kings Mountain National Military Park in April to celebrate the national parks 100th anniversary (NPOTA – National Parks On The Air). I will post updated info on both events on this website. Our fun summer event is the ARRL Field Day! Last year, it was held at North Belmont Park. This year it will be June 25-26 and the location is TBD at this point. Our club has a 33ft. trailor with radio equipment and we make contacts all over the US and Canada! Stay tuned to the website for more details. Best wishes to you at school. Go Pack!
            KM4LWL, Chantel

    2. Hi Chris, I hope you received my email response to your inquiry.
      Thank you for your post on the GCARS website. We are excited that you want to get your ham radio license! There are a lot of great resources but my favorite is http://www.hamstudy.org and it is free. It has study flashcards and practice tests. I had no electrical or radio knowledge prior to taking the tests and I passed all three tests (technician, general and extra) using this website.

      You can print off all the questions from the technician level test pool from the NCVEC website below.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions.


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  5. Good morning all. From the looks of the traffic, it appears that the GCARS website is going all out. Thanks Chantel for such a great job. I look forward to very frequent visits.

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